Franzuain’s third solo album helps you understand how his life music influences redefine his sound at every step of his artistic journey, each day more personal and distinct. With a timeless and industrial sound, this album does not disappoint the lovers of a raw sound and classic arrangements of electronic music, pop and rock, combined in simple songs, full of sensations and emotions. A return to its roots with a different takeoff, anticipating the birth of a new creative stage in his artistic career.

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A new take on a beautiful song from Morgan´s first album North.
Song by Morgan, cover by franzuain

Give it back to me, every little thing I’ve done
Give ‘em back to me, his eyes
Give ‘em back to me, my memories
Give it back to me, everything

I’ve been asking you Lord
I’ve been singing your songs
I didn’t give it to you
so why d’you take it from me?
I’ve been praying…

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franzuain’s 2nd. album “B”, with very alternative sounds mixed with old and new music ideas, reflect the new way of his creative path.
Some collaborations and some “stolen” collaborations, make this almost a compilation of ideas and concepts trying to show different aspects in his music today. Always searching for new ways, new sounds make this album unclassifiable and unique.
From a cemetery to a club, from a lonely road to a overcrowded diner. All these places are here, connected…
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Franzuain Remix of Another Road (Gettin’ ready) from Morgan’s second album ‘Air’, available on digital platforms.

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3D Animation by: Robert Ek / Designer based in Sweden
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Think of it as a business card if you get one. You probably wont use it, but if you do, you know is going to be amazing.. This is a full experience to take you back to the golden years of music. A very interesting object you’ll love having around.
This is a Limited Edition Cassette that compiles 16 songs released between 2013 and 2015.
Great sound quality, printed cassette case. Includes unlimited streaming of the album via the Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Only limited copies available! Get yours now!
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franzuain released his first solo album, a collection of ten sound situations which gently unfold their compositional elements, moving carefully one by one.
Sunset Motel is an album that builds successive moods tainted by a certain melancholy. As the sounds contribute their intervention to the developmeing theme, a diffuse and elusive scene is constructed in the mind of the listener as if a floating building among the clouds …
The rhythmic structure and the surprise appearance of music details and sounds are masterfully orchestrated in songs such as Keep the Rocks and Morning Test. More…
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The best of the west. Let yourself go and enjoy the urban sounds of a new city project with classical house and electro influences.

Westcontrol, being away on a journey in a foreign place, and when you realize you don’t know anybody around and your friends and family are not there, you have something to listen to and still feel like home. Intense emotions come from the heart, and these songs come from the heart and deeper. Never stop creating, unless you are dead, even if you don’t think is good enough, somebody will, and surely that person will remember this forever. Not fancy, raw electronics. Much much more to come.. enjoy!!
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This song was made several years ago, now remastered and re-released.
Part of nothing, but a whole itself. About disappointment and rupture, with no signs of light.
franzuain on the voice, and CASIO on the beat.. Enjoy!
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All whats left behind, sometimes you never know.. maybe someday, somebody, somewhere will ask for one of these song to be finished.. Meanwhile, here they are.. some unfinished ideas, just to make a point.
If anybody thinks any of these tracks should be finished, feel free to do it.. we don’t know what else to do with them. Like a son that won’t go to law school.. we just gave up on them.. Enjoy!!
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The Petty Cash needs your sympathy. Like the petty cash, this is an extra in music. Just for fun, no strings attached. After a good meal leave money on the table, or to the man that opened that door, or the homeless just around the corner. You don’t need it, but is out there, and is part of your life.
Seeking basic electronic sounds, not much arrangements and almost none voice at all, is what you will hear. Mainly electronic techno music concepts, with a twist of house and electro.
What you hear is what you get!

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Los Amigos have some particular tracks from different projects they took part of. Commercials, web, ebooks, radio, dance exhibitions, and more..
Some basic and some complex, just to satisfy their customers friends needs. Looking for something? Just ask for it.. If you can find pleasure in any of these songs, feel free to enjoy!

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